Introducing RF Poker's New Referral Program

Earn Big While Elevating Card Rooms

Earn Big While Elevating Card Rooms

Aug 16, 2023

Allen Su

Introducing RF Poker's New Referral Program: Earn Big While Elevating Card Rooms

Are you ready to take your passion for poker to the next level? RF Poker is thrilled to launch our Referral Program, designed exclusively for those who want to reshape the way live poker is played and experienced. You now have the chance to earn rewards while contributing to the growth of card rooms!

Why Refer RF Poker?

Imagine a world where gameplay is not just about the cards, but also about a connected community. By introducing RF Poker's tables to card rooms, you're paving the way for players to track, analyze, and improve their gameplay using the RF Poker app. Through live streams, players will be able to save and share the most exhilarating moments with our friends. There will also be thrilling competitions for grand prizes on a global scale. Your referrals aren't just about tables – they're about transforming card rooms into hubs of innovation and excitement.

How to Refer a Card Room:

  1. Refer a Card Room: It's simple – just share your unique referral link with the general manager of the card room you have in mind.

  2. Table Discount: Once your referral starts the conversation, we'll step in to discuss how our cutting-edge RF Table can bring unparalleled benefits to their card room. As a special incentive, they'll receive a $500 discount when they choose to integrate our table into their operations.

  3. You Get $500: Your efforts don't go unnoticed! If your referred card room decides to invest in an RF Table, we'll send you a $500 reward as a token of appreciation for helping us spread the word about the RF Table.

Join us in revolutionizing the poker landscape. As you refer card rooms and introduce them to the RF Poker experience, you're not only helping them level up their operations but also enjoying significant rewards for your efforts.

Get started today by joining our referral program and sharing your referral link with card room general managers. Let's collaborate to transform the way poker is played and experienced, one referral at a time.

Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn

Click the link below to sign up for the referall program. You will get a link to share with your local card rooms.

Click below to get your referall link. Share it with your local card rooms to earn $500!